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Welcome to St. John Chrysostom School On-Line. 
Our Mission: What we're all about!

  • For ninety years St. John Chrysostom has been dedicated to serving the families of the many immigrant populations that have found a home here. We work to provide an excellent education in a non-violent milieu. Our Catholic faith is the foundation of all we do. We welcome children of many faiths, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. All are respected here.

The Dominican Sisters of Sparkill

  • Sparkill Dominican Sisters came to St. John's when the school opened in 1914. If you were to visit our Sisters in the Motherhouse, and ask about St. John Chrysostom School, you would see a smile on every face!  Hundreds of us  have taught here! They all loved the work they did, and the people they did it for. We have a hundred years of stories handed down! 

Who we are!

  • Who are we?  What have we done?

  • We minister in 13 states, and in Pakistan and Peru.

Women Making A Difference

  • We have martyrs in Pakistan, other Sisters who lost their lives  serving in Central America.
  • We teach in schools from Pre-K to College. Sister Elizabeth is a long time teacher at Cathedral High School, and currently Principal.

  • We are nurse practitioners, social workers, nurses.

  • We are housing managers for the elderly, campus ministers and counselors.

  • We are 400 dedicated Religious Women, and we have taught your children in schools and in Parish programs.

  • We work with the poorest, and with those who will be counted among the Church's future leaders and supporters.

  • Christ is the center of our lives, and our strength, and the motive for all we do.
    A Joyful Dominican Sister
    Sister Kathy Logan makes her vows!


Hundreds of Sparkill Dominican Sisters have given some years of their lives to St. John Chrysostom. 

Sparkill Dominicans who Taught at St. John Chrysostom School

Sr. Mary Ann Borrello Sr. Sheila Bowen Sr. Virginia Brodowski*
Sr. Dorothy Burns

Sr. Virginia Chaiambalero

Sr. Patricia Connolly
Sr. Joseph Marie  Sr. Christine Corey Sr. Noreen Costello
Sr. Damien Crowley Sr. Mary Angelica Sr. Eileen Cunningham
Sr. Helen Francis Sr. Theresa Francis Sr. Maureen Daly*
Sr. Mary Perpetua Sr. Jeanne Deas Sr. Jeanine DeClue
Sr. Jude Miriam Sr. Marie Angelique Sr.Rose Mary Duchesne
Sr. Mary Elizabeth Dunn Sr. Jane Carmel Sr. Annmarie Fisher
Sr. Peggy Gannon* Sr. Rose Anastasia Sr. Rosalie Gilson
Sr. Sheila Gorham* Sr. Mary Margaret Griffin Sr. Eileen Guinan*
Sr. Margaret Hanratty Sr. Nora Healy Sr. Marian Frederick
Sr. Agnes Anthony Sr. Peggy Jennings Sr. Mary Keehan*
Sr. Maureen Kenefick Sr. Violet Marie Sr. Veronica Lanham
Sr. Barbara Lenniger Sr. Gloria Lowe* Sr. Maureen Massett
Sr. Elizabeth McAleavey Sr. Nora McArt Sr. Peggy McCann
Sr. James David Sr. Jean Thomas Sr. Lillian McNamara
Sr. M. Norbert  Sr. Anne McNeive Sr. Theresa Mary*
Sr. Eileen Monnelly

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Mooney*

Sr. Noreen Nolan
Sr. Bernadette Nonnon Sr. Kathleen O'Connor Sr. Margaret Theresa
Sr. M. Paulette Sr. Henrietta Clare Sr. Catherine Rose
Sr. Anne Queenan Sr. Eileen Reilley Sr. Jane Reynolds
Sr. Dorothy Russell Sr. Ann Marie Rutter* - Rest in Peace! 4-1-05   Sr. Margo Saich
Sr. Catherine Tahaney Sr. Peggy Tiernan Sr. Alice Mary Tighe
Sr. Mary Louise Sr. Carole Valentino Sr. Alma Marie 
Sr. Margaret Gerard Sr. John William Sr. Carolyn Wolfbauer
There are hundreds more who have gone home to the Lord and now remember us at God's Throne!

An asterisk (*) shows Sisters currently at St. John Chrysostom School.


Accredited again through May 30th, 2014 by The Middle States Association for quality education and for meeting their established standards.

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